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Hard Work is Good.. BUT Smart Work is Best and Efficient ! ! - lokesh k s


   Hi, my name is K S Lokesh, from Nanjangud, Mysore District, Karnataka, India. Doctor by Profession. I have made this website to provide useful information, tips & tricks, opinion and a bit of fun also. I am presenting the little information which I have. It may be useful to you.

    I am not a computer/software engineer. But I know a little about web page creation and created this site. I will put many things into this site when the things I´m working on will get ready.

    If you are also interested to make web sites, learn the HTML & Web Designing by reading this Simple HTML Tutor. And play Java Digger Game if in the Computers & Internet Section

    You can have fun by visiting FUN Section which has Irritating Page of Lokesh, Butler English , Card Trick , Lucky Number Calculator etc.
    Also Check your Body Mass Index (BMI) , Heart rate (BPM) and Response Time in the Medical Section.

    I have also put different Search Boxes in Search Section. Its enhanced search customized by Lokesh.:
  • Web Search: Comprahensive Web Search
  • Science Search: Specialized to search Science sites.
  • Medical Search: Searches Medical sites and journals.
    These helps you to search the web for your assignments and projects. Please use the Specialized Web, Science and Medical Search for your Projects, Assignments and Information at my Search Page. This Search on my site uses the Specialized Google Search Box..

    You can check the Love Percentage by entering the names, find out the FLAME between two names, read some Funny Love Letters, Send Free SMS and have a look at the Special Rose Garden.

Exceptions and Variations are the rule in Biology ! ! - dr. lokesh. k. s.

    Nanjangud is my hometown and I have put some information about my home town in Nanjangud.info . I am known as Nanjangud Lokesh and Nanjangud Doctor in my college.

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Check the About Lokesh page to know more me.
Check Lokesh Says - Blog of Lokesh.
Nanjangud(Nanjangud.info) is hometown of Lokesh.

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