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       Hello Everyone, My name is K S Lokesh. I'm a doctor. I have finished MBBS recently. At present I am 24 yr old. I am tall and slim person. I like making friends. I am interested in Computers, Medicine & Surgery, Travelling, Reading, Sleeping, Philately and many more....

kslokesh in Childhood
     This is my childhood pic. I was so cute in childhood but the time turned me to a tall, lean, dark guy. I live in Nanjangud. Its my home town. I had my primary education in Nanjangud itself. Visit Nanjangud.Info to know more about my hometown.

1st to 7th Standard - Carmel English School, Nanjangud.
(1987 to 1995)

8th to 10th Std - Marimallappa's High School, Mysore.
(1995 to 1998)

11th & 12th (1st & 2nd PUC) - Marimallappa's Junior College, Mysore.
(1998 to 2000)

MBBS - JSS Medical College, Mysore.
(2000 to 2005 ) + (2005 to 2006)
Doctor ! ! ! ( Munna Bhai ? ? ?)
kslokesh in Coorg
Me in Coorg, India.
Coffee plants behind me.
Taking a break from work
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Dr Lokesh K S
Karnataka, INDIA

Email : kslokesh@boxbe.com

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