Successfully organized my Miss Gopamma and Mr Rajesh on 21 September 2008 through Youth Hostels Association of India, Gangothri Unit, Mysore.

chameleon4_small.jpg chameleon5lettingitaway_small.jpg chameleon6hidingfromus_small.jpg
letsbeginthetrekking_small.jpg whatalake1_small.jpg gotprickedandscratchedbythorns_small.jpg
wemustreachtothetopnearthatbuilding_small.jpg toclimbortoslide_small.jpg raghavendrahelpingusholdingthefallingrockwithbothhands_small.jpg
doggoingtoaskhelpfromaman_small.jpg amanhelpingusbytakinghisturntoholdtherock_small.jpg lokeshtakinghisturntoholdthefallingrock_small.jpg
rockisinstablepositionnow_small.jpg letsgonowthedogsaid_small.jpg whatalake2_small.jpg
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