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HTML Tutor - Learn HTML Online for FREE - Very EASY
Table of Contents

Lesson 1:     Getting started, saving as html
Lesson 2:     Background colors, background images
Lesson 3:     Bold, italic, underlining, nesting tags
Lesson 4:     Monospaced font, font size, font face
Lesson 5:     Big/small, font color, more about nesting tags
Lesson 6:     Section headings, link colors
Lesson 7:     Line breaks
Lesson 8:     Paragraph tag & paragraph aligning, center tag
Lesson 9:     The "space code" and other special characters
Lesson 10:   Inserting images, img src, relative paths, case troubles
Lesson 11:   Alt attribute, image dimensions, colored lines
Lesson 12:   Simple links
Lesson 13:   Email links, image links
Lesson 14:   More on linking
Lesson 15:   About image filesizes, GIF Works
Lesson 16:   Making & using thumbnails
Lesson 17:   Spaces between images, anchors, linking within a page
Lesson 18:   Screen resolution, blockquote
Lesson 19:   Ordered & unordered lists
Lesson 20:   List types, nested lists
Lesson 21:   Definition lists
Lesson 22:   Horizontal rules
Lesson 23:   Pre format tag, comment tag
Lesson 24:   HTML specifications, doctype, validation
Lesson 25:   Final thoughts
Lesson 26:   More resources, PageTutor buttons

Other Pages: in HTML Tutor
Index & Quick Reference
Practice Exercises                    - Learn by Doing. Exercise 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5
ColorPicker                             - Color Codes
Simple Font Widget               - Use of Fonts
BareBones HTML Guide        - Simple but a good Guide
Color Charts                            - Different Color Charts for Web
Special Characters                  - To be used in HTML
Where are my images?            - When images aren't showing up
About files                               - File Types
About Netscape's 216 colors , Part 2 , Part 3
Fixed background image         - Background does not scroll
IrfanView and Paint Shop Pro

Examples Pages used in HTML Tutor: - Showing use of HTML
example_02a , example_02b , example_02c , example_02d
example_03a , example_03b , example_03c
example_04a , example_04b , example_04c

FUN Section:

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Irritate                       - Get IRRITATED Here

LOVE                                - Love Love Love, Read these different ways of expressing the so called LOVE.
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Jai Hind, Jai Karnataka.

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